Visual Arts

Carlito SF has been interested in visual arts since his early adolescent years. From drawing Dragon Ball Z characters on computer paper to attending middle school 113 for fine arts and design, it was always one of his outlets. He later went to the prominent Fiorello H. LaGuardia High School, a.k.a. LaGuardia Arts, and continued his studies in the arts. There he graduated with an art endorsed regents diploma and an advanced skill level in each form of visual art (Ceramic work, Digital, Painting, etc.) Although he didn’t continue as an art major in college, he gained well over the amount of credits required for minors in both Media Arts and Fine Arts. Carlito's expertise in art and love for fashion drove him to start designing his own clothing. His opinion that men's fashion lacks far behind women's, paired with the ability to sew, led him to start creating pieces for himself. Currently, Carlito SF is doing a mass amount of freelance work in videography, while still incorporting those experiences in his own projects.


Writing is another one of the many outlets used by Carlito SF to express his thoughts and feelings. He has taken part in several poetry and short story writing events, ranging from school to the many parts of New York; all sparked by the late Karyn Kay. These forms of writing later translated to songwriting. The drive for music did put his poetry and short stories on hold for quite some time, but the writing bug has returned. As of late, he's been working on his debut story Love for the Psychotic Mind.


Every person has had their share of experiences. Born and raised in Brooklyn, New York, Carlito SF has quite of few stories he wants to share with the masses. Using an eclectic flow, intricate instrumentals, and dynamic energy, he runs through the many details of his experiences in a variety of ways. Being a lover of music, you can hear many different genre influences in his music, ranging from rap to alternative, all the while sticking to the rapper he is. Carlito SF started making music for the first time around the age of 20 and released his first project Transcendence in January 2015. After finding himself in music, he released his second, long-awaited project Living Out My Days and recently, No Friends In This.